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XCW News (SNME? SN Supershow)

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XCW News (SNME? SN Supershow)

Post by SM0kE69eR on Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:10 pm

Hello and welcome to episode 5 of XCW News! I'm your host Smokes and in tonight's show we will find out exactly who becomes the first ever XCW Television Champion as the Road to Wrestlemania continue's....

We start the show following up from Raw this past week, 4 men advanced on Raw in the gold rush tournament to make it to SNME and the semi final stage as'well as the final in the main event of the show.
Now this was no normal SNME usually this is the sub show or smaller show but no not this time.
The powers at be decided it was going to be a SNME super show where not only the tournament is to be decided but also a rematch for the European championship between Nic Nitro and Jake Watson.

So the music hits and i got a good view backstage on the monitor as Ricky Brown was set to go one on one with Chris Cassidy, Cassidy still quite new on the XCW but has had a good few matches under his belt looked prepared and ready to go he had a good start in this match but Ricky Brown continued his brilliant run and overwhelmed Chris Cassidy in the end and secured his spot in the main event.
With one competitor in the final already it was time to find out exactly who was going to face Brown for that XCW T.V Championship.

It was the "Lone Wolf CJ Lyons and Kent Carter " K.C", To me this was a match for the fans, 2 exciting superstars went head to head and pull a'lot of major moves in what was a show stopping match. This SNME was starting to look like a PPV event with the talent on the card.
CJ yet again prevailed and managed to get his spot against Brown for the gold.
Next on the card was yet again a PPV style match, European gold on the line and a rematch a'lot of people wanted to see, Nic Nitro was set to defend for the first time in a rematch clause cash in against Jake Watson.
Watson wasn't happy that he lost the title in the first place and went out to claim back what he thinks was already his.
Nitro had his own agenda and with DX on a hot streak it was going to be hard to stop him on this night. People couldn't believe there eyes as the 2 men laid it all down and in an epic battle and potential match of the year candidate, Alot of the other XCW superstars were in awe watching this match backstage and Nitro landed huge moves right left and center but could not keep Watson down for the 3 count, Instead Watson hit a legendary hulk up comeback and blew everyone's mind picking up the 1.2..3 and took back the XCW European Championship.

The fans started to settle again after that last match, Most felt the buck was more than worthy this SNME, Next up was another feature match. A triple threat debut match, 3 new guys on the block getting thier chance in XCW to perhaps make a name and find their feet, Roy Montana, Tyson Andrews and James Angel all new to the XCW fans but didn't look like rookies inside the square'd circle.
The 3 of them gave all they could in the match but in the end there could only be one winner and James Angel was the man to win on his debut as for Roy Montana and Tyson Andrews better luck next time..
Next up was the XCW Undisputed Champion going one on one with Kirby but it was a non title match and i decided it was time for me to get a closer look.
After a small trip to bosses office i was able to head down to ringside and take a seat next to the commentary for the Nash fight, I wanted to see the best in the company in action from a good view, He was against Kirby and i thought this was going to be a one sided match in the beginning but i for one was shocked at how good Kirby was on this night, It seemed he was fighting for something bigger but it wasn't meant to be Brian Nash came out the victor but it was an incredibly close match for the majority.

It was time for the main event and even though i only asked to watch the Nash fight i decided to keep my butt on my seat and watch a brand new champion be crowned. Ricky Brown and CJ Lyons two guys that have been making there own mark, CJ recently turning a solo superstar and wants to start his solo career with gold early on, Ricky Brown on a hot streak of his own and one of my personal favourites in XCW, He's a get straight to business superstar and i like that.
In the match which again left fans screaming and cheering as the 2 superstars went to war.. CJ and Ricky were both desperate to win this match and rightly so and the victor would write their name in the XCW history books and become the first ever XCW Television champion. Many times in the match i thought CJ had the match won and i feel he did too but Brown would not give up, No matter what CJ threw at Ricky he kicked out and when it came down to it, Somehow Brown got the job done and won the match.

We all thought the show was over i was even backstage again getting ready to leave then a seen on a monitor that the powers at be were on the titantron making an announcement regarding Wrestlemania, The new T.V champion was going to get to choose his own opponent at Wrestlemania.
Watson heading for the major merger match will he be the first ever Intercontinental Champion?
Whats our new guys going to do next?
Who will get the chance to face Ricky Brown in his first title defence? But remember its his choice!.

Thanks and goodnight.


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Re: XCW News (SNME? SN Supershow)

Post by KINGJUSTBELIEVE on Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:42 pm

Kc faced Dallas Morgan and lost

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Re: XCW News (SNME? SN Supershow)

Post by xTheTyson's on Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:56 pm

Tag Team Titles?? Or did I miss it lol

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Re: XCW News (SNME? SN Supershow)

Post by Sponsored content

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