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WHERE THE HELL IS AZW!?!?!? (New Show Debating)

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WHERE THE HELL IS AZW!?!?!? (New Show Debating)

Post by 702144 on Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:30 am

Ok, So I know that I have been patient like alot of other people. But,Alpha as you can see my patience ran out awhile. Like Last Night saying" Yeah were gonna do the show" and then never do it. Its Ridiculous. If I had a high enough power I would've made a show awhile back. I wish I could now, but I don't have "permission" to do it. So Can I ask if anyone wants to see a new show, put #NewShow in the Comments, Please. I will try and commentate as much as I can, But I will have to read comments, just like Alpha or Image. Alpha I dont want to start disrespecting you, but come on, we have been waiting for about 2 weeks for AZW to come back on and since XCW isnt on for 2 weeks, you get to make up for that. Don't be crying or not doing this over the guys in XCW, Because the truth is People like AZW as much as XCW. There are so many people in here who have CAWs in AZW, like Me, KJB,Etc. And you have a wide creation in making CAWs so dont let that go to waste. You Have a family, I understand, But so do we. We put out the best in us even in hard times. So I just wanted to make that statement and bring up the thing I been wanting to say for awhile and that is for a new show to go on. I mean, we have a Raw and a NXT. We just need a SmackDown so it would be better timing for us and we don't have to wait for a show going on and then not watching it. So Like I said, if you want to see a new Show, Put in the comments, #NewShow, and if I get the permission from Image, I will make it then.


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Re: WHERE THE HELL IS AZW!?!?!? (New Show Debating)

Post by Brian_Street on Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:12 am



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Re: WHERE THE HELL IS AZW!?!?!? (New Show Debating)

Post by xTheTyson's on Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:37 am

I'm not sure if I'm actually up for a new show that has anything to do with XCW as it would take image off his schedule and me probs staying up even later lol

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Re: WHERE THE HELL IS AZW!?!?!? (New Show Debating)

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