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XCW News (Wrestlemania is Here)

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XCW News (Wrestlemania is Here)

Post by SM0kE69eR on Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:21 am

It is here XCW... Episode 60, 12 months 11 PPV's it is time for Wrestlemania, Welcome to XCW News! im your host Smokes and welcome to jam packed recap of Wrestlemania, 16 matches were in store at the biggest stage of them all, Past supertars were set to return, WWE superstars were set to feature so lets get straight into the action..

The preshow started with a huge 6 man elimination 6 man tag team match, Aaron, Roy Montana and Tyson Andrews went up against XCW Veteran Ross alongside John Sanchez "JS" and Sammy Danger, The Youngbloods against the Vets, A great way to start off the PPV and remember folks this way elimination rules so no doubt this was going to be an epic match where all guys where get their chance to shine.
Ross stated off the match for his team eager to show he still got what it takes to thrive here in XCW, Roy Montana  at his debut PPV decided to square off against the veteran to show what he himself can do. After a short stint of Ross taking control many tags went back and forth between both teams seemed everyone wanted a piece of the action however the first elimination came over 30 mins into the match via submission as JS made Tyson Andrew's tap out to make it 3 on 2 in favour of the originals, Looked set to be an up hill battle for the rookies until minutes after JS was on top of the world Aaron came in landed a nice dropkick followed by a spear and picked up the 1..2..3 making this now a tag team match between Aaron and Montana vs Ross and Sammy Danger.
The 4 men left went to battle for a long long time and the fans were loving every second of it, They laid everything on the line, Montana then got Ross locked into a lovely submission and Sammy Danger couldn't stop it in time and Ross tapped out. Montana then put his focus on Sammy and nailed a seat belt suplex only seconds after eliminating Ross and picked up the victory.
Sammy Danger had his chances to eliminate people earlier on as did other but it was the young bloods who ironically got busted open and was covered in blood that won the match in the end. What a great way to start Wrestlemania.

The second match in the pre show was another returning superstar Petra going one on one with WWE's Kane, Monster vs Demon this was set to be a good match with 2 big guys going head to head Petra gave his all in the match but Kane in end smouthered his opponent and Petra was forced to tap out in a wierd finish to match, Kane was granted the victor but the powers at be may look into the match and DQ Kane later on.. Smouthering may be seen as the same as a choke and that is an illegal move.

The main card was about to start and the fans were already hyped after an epic pre show, I was excited myself to see what was still to come.
James Angel now a member of a new faction here in XCW the "New Nexus" went head to head with a former leader of the "Old Nexus" Wade " Bad News" Barrett with a WWE superstar already picking up the win tonight James Angel was not only representing the new nexus but XCW itself but the young kid didn't buckle under pressure and landed a huge spinning cutter to pick up the 1..2..3, It was WWE 1... XCW..1

We just had Nexus vs Nexus now it was time for Irish vs Irish, XCW's Marcus Conan went one on one with WWE's Sheamus, This match was exactly like we thought it would be.. an all out brawl, With 2 big bruisers it was gonna be a slugfest,  it could have been over early on as Sheamus landed a huge white noise 1..2.
But NO Conan kicked out and even i thought it was over..At times it almost went extreme as Conan tore apart the announcer's table but decided not to use it shortly after he got back in the ring he then landed a huge suplex neck breaker and went for the pin, The fans thought Conan had the win but this time it was Sheamus that kicked out.
Conan got into his stride and didn't ease off the pressure he then locked in a canadian backbreaker submission and Sheamus tapped out. Conan won the match for himself and for XCW and maybe even proved he is now the best Irish superstar of all time.

It was time for another PPV debut as Tao Anoa`i went one on one against Seth Rollins, Rumor has it that Tao is related to WWE superstar Roman Reigns and tonight Tao was out to get some retribution in his family's honor, Seth Rollins in the WWE's authority would have to be at his best without his security and string pulling antics as this was an XCW show and the perfect chance for Tao to have a fair match one on one in the middle of the ring.
But in a shock to most Seth can actually wrestle on his own and in the end landed a Seth Walker to pick up the win.
It was XCW 2.. WWE 2.. now in an epic PPV, The XCW fans getting to see past and presant XCW superstars and alot of big name WWE guys featuring in the show also and the next guy on this list was indeed a big name if not huge, Former 5 time wCw champion and WWE Champion as'well as many accolades more... Booker T was in the house. But it was the fact that he was a legendary T.V champion that entized the powers at be to set up this match.
Zack Attack Zack Zero stated earlier in the week his desire was to target the T.V Championship here in XCW and what a great way to start that path going up against Booker T.
Surprising the XCW fans chanted Booker as he came out to the ring to face Evolution member Zero just goes to show some people are respected all over wrestling and it was nice to see for Booker as he has been all over doing his best all of the time, He would need to rekindle some of that old flame from Harleem Heat though if he was going to beat a younger fresher Zack Zero.
But what maybe surprised some Zack frankly dominated most of the match and nailed a codebreaker in the end to pick up the 1..2..3 but it wasn't as straight forward as it seemed as Booker T's hand was clearly under the ropes and the referee did not see it. This will cause a stir bewteen XCW and WWE in the first match that seem's suspicious its now 3 to 2 in favour XCW.

For the first tradional tag team match this evening WWE's sent out Tyson Kidd and Cesaro to represent them this time against XCW's B & B, Now Brooks and Balmer have been on and off since becoming an official tag team and their opponents clearly have more tag team experience but when B & B are hot they are HOT, So this was going to be a battle and XCW will be hoping that B & B can get the job done and make things 4-2.
Kidd and Cesaro made alot of quick tags earlier and started taking control of the match Kidd even could have the won the match just a few minutes into the match after a few high flying moves but Brooks made the save.
The match started to go back and forth has B & B started to get back into the match after the managed to keep Cesaro out of the ring and sustain Tyson in the ring but once Cesaro got into the ring it was game over and he pinned Brooks as WWE were now upto 3.

A small break from WWE feature matches Chris Cassidy went one on one with N.V Wilson, 2 guys who have had and up and down career so far made it to the big stage to see what they have to offer to the XCW universe. N.V the slight favourite in this match was looking real focused and determined coming down the ramp like he had something to prove to himself after his recent losing streak. As the match went on anyone could have been the winner, Cassidy landed a beautiful standing moon sault followed by a reverse moonsault but never got to go for the cover, N.V made his way back to his feet and landed a huge T Bone suplex but only got the 2 count.. rather than sulking N.V then landed his backslide driver and went stright for the pin to get the 1.2.3, It was a fresh start at the end of a memorable year for N.V Wilson.

In the last match of the first half of Wrestlemania Dallas Morgan squared off against Kent Carter, Since Morgan joined the XCW KC has been taunting the new guy about how much he was than Morgan, Before the PPV K.C made a challange to the new guy to see if he could have what it takes to get a one on one match.
The rules were simple find a tag team partner and have a tag team match, If Morgan's team could win then K.C would face him at Wrestlemania.
Morgan being new might have struggled to find a willing partner but no Nate Balmer stepped up and Morgan's team was set. K.C seen this but didn't worry as he has a trumph card to play as his tag team partner was one half of the tag team champions Brent Ryder. K.C thought he had it in the bag but Balmer had other idea's and chokeslame'd KC to hell to win the match for Dallas Morgan.
Now it was time to fight and Morgan seemed more than ready. K.C is no foul however and prepared himself for this Wrestlemania moment.
Dallas Morgan is the leader of the "New Nexus" and tonight was his chance to lead by example by taking out an XCW regular like Kent Carter.
It was pinfall after pinfall in this match and it was fast paced action throughout with many combination moves as both men fought hard,KC started to take control for most of the match and landed a huge sweet chin but could not end it there.
Morgan then out of nowhere landed a one of a kind driver and picked up the victory. The rookie come leader is now on a little streak taking out another respected XCW superstar.

After XCW came back on air after a small commercial break it was time for a scheduled tag team match but Brock Lesnar would not wait any longer and came out to the ring to make sure his match was next and his opponent was a mystery to start with until the music hit and alpha 1 made his return to XCW.
Alot of people were thinking Alpha could win over the feature superstar but during the match brock seemed to absorb alot of the blow's Alpha 1 dished out and the further the match went on the more Brock started to gain momentum.
Alpha came back at times with a disaster kick he didn't go the pin instead tried to go for a f5, Brock reversed into his own f5 to be revered into a ddt, Alpha landed a 2nd huge disaster kick and this time he went for pin but only got a 2 count Brock got back to his feet and landed a huge f5 to pick up the win.
Now the previously scheduled tag team bout could actually begin, XCW Tag team champions The Vigilante's Brent Ryder and Kris Kryptic defending there tag team titles against Evolution's Tyson's brothers.. The champs made their way to the ring and strangely the DX music blared of the pa system... Out of nowhere and a shock to the world Alex and Johnny Tyson came out with the DX colours on.. Seem's evolution is dead and DX has just got a whole lot stronger..
The match got underway and there was many tags early on as the action started heating up, Ryder landed a package DDT but only got a 2 count Johnny was able to kick out.
The match went back and forth for a little bit more inside and outside the ring as Johnny flew through the ropes to the outside, Ryder hit a 2nd package DDT on a Tyson but the opposite brother but Johnny was there to break up the count Alex nailed a signature of his own but couldn't end the match.
Johnny landed a Tyson Cutter but delayed to make the pin and Kryptic this time stopped the count, Ryder made a much needed tag and Kryptic came in hot but he soon burned out and Johnny pins Kryptic to become brand new tag team champions..

The next match was about to go Extreme, as Kirby went one on one with another returning superstar C.M Punk, With no rules in the match anything was going to happen and with the Tyson twist Kirby had some aggression to get rid of. Punk a legend in this business and no stranger to extreme rules matches came into the match quite confident.
As the match went on Punk seemed in control for most at the start even bring a baseball bat into play on the outside of the ring, Once both me got back in the ring Kirby hit a huge AJ bomb (f5) but Punk kicked out, Kirby didn't ease off though and got the 1.2.3 shortly after.
Evolution has a brand new leader and it was time the faction evolved and after the match C.M Punk was convinced to join the brand new Evolution.
It was time for a huge 6 lady ladder match for the XCW Womens Championship, AJ Lee, Natalia, Nikki Bella, Shawntia Alpha, Tamina and Alicia Angel the undisputed undefeated Women's champion.. This was by far the biggest challange ever for Alicia, 5 ladies all eager to get there hands on there gold and be the first to dethrone Alicia Angel.
The match could have been over before it started as Tamina made quick work getting a ladder and taking a few diva's out before grabbing the case at the top of the ladder but Shawntia managed to stop her and it was long before Shawntia had her chance to climb but Tamina returned the favour. AJ could have won it also but after Tamina removed the ladder from under her she slipped to crash to the mat.
This was absolute carnage and a diva match no'one had ever seen before and it was impossible to pick a winner during the match as all woman had there chances, In the end AJ Lee the victory to become the new XCW women's champion.
Kirby and AJ both now victorious Evolution is on the up.

With 3 matches still to go this was already the best PPV that ladder match was insane as well as other matches in the night being awesome, It was time for Ricky Brown to defend his title against CJ Lyons.
Brown's music hit and another shock to the world Ricky Brown comes out in a vigilante shirt officially joining the faction. It has been a night for the factions stealing the show, Ricky has been on a nice streak but will he continue in a Vigilante shirt? CJ came out sporting a brand new outfit and was ready for this night, With Alpha 1 returning CJ was no longer alone and finally someone had his back again.
As the match started Brown was dominating showing his power and stayed that way until CJ snuck a blow with brass knuck's behind the ref's back and started to get back into it, They had a little back an forth action before CJ Lyons hitting a running spear and got the 1.2.3 to take the XCW T.V Championship in an quick match. Brown gave this match to CJ but he never thought he would steal the title.
It was triple threat unification match for the Intercontinental Championship, First to come out was Jaxon Jordan the United States champion, He gave a good look at his belt on the way to the ring knowing it was the last time he would hold it.
Next up was the European champion Jake Watson he ran down to the ring eager to get this match underway and the final man to join the match was a 2nd DX member Nic Nitro the number 1 contender for the title.
This was going to be a good match 2 DX members but only one of them could win here, 2 Champions but only to become 1 champion, Jake Watson though a good European champion was not going to let the spotlight be on the DX members in this match.
Early on Jake allowed the DX members to go head to head and Jaxon took advantage early on he almost had the win with a corkscrew piledriver but Jake broke things up. Jake started to Hulk up but got stopped in his tracks.
Later in the match Watson brought the steel steps into the match to smash the head of Nic Nitro. This was not an extreme match but no DQ in triple threat rules. The match started to go towards either man before Nic Nitro locked in painful submission to make Jake tap out, Nic Nitro the victor and first ever XCW Intercontinetal Champion.

It was time for the main event and in my opinion the whole show was a Main Event but it was time for the Undisputed Championship match between the challenger Tyrant against Brian Tornado Nash the XCW Undisputed Champion, Nash was also inducted into the XCW Hall of Fame alongside the Deciples of Darkness Wolf and Phantom.

The crowd were on the edge of there seat as music hit of the pa system, It was time for a rematch many was waiting for, Nash made his confedent strut down to the ring, Nash goes into most of his matches full of confidence and frankly why not he has nothing to prove.
DX break it down blasts for 1 more time tonight and Tyrant made his way out to a mixture of cheers and jeers, The fans didn't know what or who to cheer anymore it was such a mind blowing PPV.
The referee showed both men exactly what was at the stake before the match begun. This was an Ironman match so a quick pinfall or submission was not going to cut it this was a gauranteed 15 minute match, We would be finding out who can go the distance and start the year on top of the world.
The match got violent quickly when a bat was brought into the fold but the referee kept counting, both men made it in before the 7 count and the match continue'd, Back out they went and Tyrant nailed Tyrant with the steel steps, The first point almost went to Nash when he locked in a submission in the middle of the ring but Tyrant made it to the ropes, Tyrant got back into it and landed a codebreaker but only got a 2 count it was still 0-0 on the score board. Multiple blows with steel continued and Nash nailed a massive big boot but never went for the cover to shock me and most other's in the universe, Nash wanted to take this slow to make it painful for Tyrant. Tyrant had other plans and nailed a Brougue kick but only got a 1 count. Tyrant went for a 2nd codebreaker, Nash reversed but Tyrant hit went for hit again and landed the move to get the first pinfall in the match.
Ladders, Chairs and steps all in the ring now things were going to get dangerous but out of nowhere Nash got a sneaky roll up and got the pinfall making it 1 a piece.
Nash launched Tyrant on the steps and then picked him up and nailed Tyrant with a huge spear but somehow Tyrant kicked out to keep the match tied.
reversal's all over the place and finally Nash hit a huge f7 power bomb and picked up another pinfall, It was 2-1 to Nash as the match continued.
Tyrant landed a huge brugue kick again but only got a 2 count near the end but the time ran out before the pin fall ended and Nash won the match 2-1.
This will no doubt enrage Tyrant as he will feel he was 1 second away from overtime.
The PPV came to an end and the it was time for myself and the fans to sit back and take in what happened in front of us, The main event was awesome and the PPV was awesome.

Lots of controversy no doubt to come with Kane's choke, Tyson brothers defection to DX, Alpha returning and ill be here to see and keep you all informed.
What's next for all this faction changing, recruiting and reforming that will be next time..

Thanks its been a great PPV, I hope you guys enjoy our entire show and good night


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Re: XCW News (Wrestlemania is Here)

Post by SM0kE69eR on Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:24 am

Sorry for the delayed posting ive been a little busy, Hope you guys like it, Ill be talking more about the actions between factions and such that happened during WM in another show as this had a lot of reading about the Epic PPV itself, so fear not i have notes


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