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Lets settle this

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Lets settle this

Post by tyrant on Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:42 pm

(scene opens Tyrant's music hits...Tyrant walks out to a round of you suck chants the look of disgust on his face can be seen from the cheap seats as he makes his way to the ring, Tyrant gets in the ring with a mic)

Tyrant climbs the top rope

Tyrant: SHUT UP!!!

The crowd gets louder with boos

Tyrant: Do you people really think I give a damn what you think, I come out here every night to entertain you people and what do I get...Boos .you bottom feeders dont deserve to see me preform...

The crowd erupts into even more boos

Tyrant: SHUT UP...do you remember a guy named Russel Worth...well hes not hear anymore but there is only one constant in the xcw Universe and thats me Tyrant. Im going to take foreign affairs to the top weather you like it or not. Mike Miles is the xcw Champion a part of foreign affairs boo all you want but the facts speak volumes.

Now before I get lost the real reason I came out here...Alex Wolf...you peice of BEEEP you abandoned us in our greatest hour our moment to rewrite the history of XCW win or lose we were brothers..does loyalty mean nothing to you. Well all those nights out runing wild all over what ever city we were in all the things I did for you does that mean NOTHING , You must pay for your crimes agianst your countrymen from this moment on you are marked by foreign affairs, a fugitive for your crimes against your country and u will pay with pain and suffering. I promise you....the things im going to do to you your own mother wont reconize you filth.....i challange you to the xcws first LAST MAN STANDING match


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Re: Lets settle this

Post by xTheTyson's on Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:51 pm

(All of a sudden Alex Wolf's music comes and and Tyrants mouth drops in terror)
Alex: Who do you think you are to challenge a superstar like ME? Maybe if you all haven't have failed the goal I gave you; to capture all the XCW championships, but you all f****d up... Badly. And when it came to my match, where were you all?! No where to be seen. But I have big plans... I can not reveal them yet but they are gonna be BIG. Oh and your match you challenged me at... I ACCEPT!

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