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Promo Examples

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Promo Examples

Post by Image aka The Broadcaster on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:44 pm

Promos can be used to write a story beyond what i can announce during the matches or that add to what I can say during them. If you want to "Bring your charcter to life" then this is what you can do to help me and everyone enjoy them more !!

Here are some examples of some Promos (Short, Medium, & Long).


Ace Stephens is leaning against a wall backstage with his hair hanging over, covering is face.

Ace: Bison sometimes you go ALL IN only to come up empty. I didn't care about winning the IC Title becasue I felt it was some honor or a mark of prestige to hold over others ... no. I wanted it for only one reason to become the object of your rage or your anger, to become your target. I wanted your title so we could continue this little spat continue our fued ... but for now that has to be put on the shelf.

He gives off a small chuckle and lifts his head up allowing you to see through the green hair slightly as it separates.

Ace: You see sometimes your dealt a different hand than you wanted but you have to grin and bear it. You have to let things be calm for awhile before bringing the CHAOS back ... and trust me we are JUST starting Bison but now I move in a new direction. I look for something else to fill my mind on the mend. I look forward to see what challenges await me. I look forward to see where exaclty I am headed becasue even i don't know what I will do next. HA HA HAH AH HA !!

Ace laughs violently now as his hair comes out of his eyes and the Joker facepaint fully in view for a few moments before cutting back to action in the ring.

Bison leaves the ring and heads up the ramp disappearing behind the curtain. Ace Stephens has crawled out of the ring over to the ring announcer and suddenly out of no where over the P.A.

Ace: Ha hah ah ah aha ha ah ah ah

Ace is sitting up against the barricade now laughing at the match that took place.

Ace: Bison ... you just don't get it do you. Ha hah ahahahah.

Ace tries to stand but falls back on his ass and just laughs louder.

Ace: Your mouthpiece delivered a vigorous speech last week. The thing is he must not play Black Jack. Becasue an ACE can be what it wants to. Hahah ah ah aha haha.

Ace finally reaches his feet using the barricade as a crutch.

Ace: Quick lesson Bison. When you need it to be WEAK and be the lowest card in the deck .... it is. It can seem insignificant but sometimes you NEED to be at the bottom in order to win. Hahahah hha ahhahaha.

Ace staggers across to the ring and crawls onto the apron sitting against the ropes. He has a huge smile behind the facepaint still on his face.

Ace: So we can LAY LOW when need be ... or we can dominate over all the others as the most powerful card in the deck. The thing is the player gets to decide what the value of that ACE is every game. At bad blood I chose to be weak and powerless against you and you felt on top of the world. You got crowned a KING with the IC Belt. A man who felt a lot more superior to others than he really is .... HA HA HA HA HAHAHAH !!

Ace gets a crazed look over his face as he jumps down from the apron and hobbles toward the ramp.

Ace: The thing is even though I can be "Lower" than anyone so can I be "Higher". I've let you build yourself up in your own mind. I want you to continue to build up this IMAGE in your head of what you can become ... what you WILL become. I want you to truly feel invincible. That is when i will show you that an ACE is still the highest card in the deck and JOKERS are always wild !!! HAHAH AHAHAHAH AHAHAH AAHAHAH AHHA HAHAH AHAHAH AHAHAH AHAH AHAHA HAHA HAHAHAHA !!

He drops the mic as his maniacal laughter gets out of hand near the top of the stage and we go to a commercial break. The crowd left stunned to what they have just witnessed.


WWE Raw kicks of the show and before even the announcers can speak ....

no one comes out as the Monster theme plays for a full minute and finally we hear laughter.


still unseen but heard is the Hardcore champion. His music cuts off as he reigns in his laughter and begins to speak.

ACE: I told you I didn't know what I was going to do next. Ha Ha ... and i told you all Chaos would be coming. You see as much as anyone can plan for the future, as much as you can try to make things happen as exactly as you invision ... no matter how TWITSED they are, sometimes your plans get ruined. You might have plans to pull someone in ... raise there confidence and when they least fear you ... they least feel you are a threat ... you STRIKE !!!

as Ace says this a loud Pyro goes off in the arena and the crowd screams in fear as ACE starts to laugh manically.


The crowd looks upset about being starteled and ace finally speaks again.

Ace: As I said though .... plans can get ruined. That Omega thing by mere milliseconds was able to steal that pretty little target that Bison desired. He took away my bait for the Animal that hunts it's prey with out mercy. He took away my chance to tame the wild beast. I spent so much time putting my heart soul and mending mind into setting Bison up for the BIG fall from grace ... and he RUINED IT !!!

the crowd again sits back in fear for a moment as he shouts STILL unseen by anyone in the arena.

Ace: So I moved on ... set a NEW plan in place. After I heard about this Hardcore Championship being brought into the company I felt compelled to posses it. I had plans to be the first ... the ONLY man to posses it but at the last moment I was thwarted by Blake ... HA HA HA. I hadn't the time to plan my next move when I was given that chance. I wasn't prepared to bring about the CHAOS I so desired. So i had to wait .... but this time I decided to go the opposite route. With Bison it was about lulling the wild animal into thinking I was nothing but a small little fly buzzing at his ear before I plunged the spear into the back of his mask. This time I was going to show him ... them ... YOU ALL .... HAHAHAHAH !!!

The cameras have been going all around the arena looking for Ace who has still not emerged. We have seen the baffled announcers and thousands of fans looking for any sign of the man talking over the P.A.

Ace: .... and now .....

Ace crawls out from under the ring by the ramp as the camera catches him emerging from it. He has a creepy smile to match that grin his face paint is sporting. He laughs at outlouad again as he reaches back and drags the Hardcore Title out from under the ring and sets it on the apron.

Ace: It's time to emerge from the darkness. I've heard you all ... seen you all thinking that he has lost some part of his mind when I was broken by Bison. The thing is I was NEVER BROKEN .... I was already this way. I only embraced the Chaos, the darkness, the insanity of this world and let it manifest itself in what you see now. Each and every week people just kept looking at me with there heads cocked to the side ... that sideways glance that tells you they just DON'T GET IT.

Ace who had slowly been turning talking to the entire audience bends a knee and starts to pull out a Table. He tosses it under the bottom rope and drops back down grabbing a ladder as well. He proceeds to toss every weapon he can find under the ring into it and laughs loudly again only to look over to the steel steps.

Ace: That's just it ... YOU ALL DON'T GET IT. Your to busy with your pathetic lives to see things the way I do. You can't imagine the things I can. These "People" who come out here week after week and I fight just don't get it either. You are all ... BLIND !!!

Ace kicks the steel steps off the ring post and the crowd right near him jump back as he quickly and violently grabs the steel steps and tosses them over the top rope. He laughs as he walks back over to the mic he dropped and picks it up.

Ace: HA HA HA !! But I'm not here to enlighten you, or show you the way. I'm not here to entertain you like the rest of these trained monkeys in the back. No, no ... I am here to simply bring Chaos ... HAHAH HA HA !!

Ace slides into the ring and stands in the middle of the scattered weapon field. His grin grows from ear to ear as he looks at all the carnage around him.

Ace: You see the perfect place in this world to be able to cause Chaos .... is right here, right now, with this belt in my hand.

Ace holds up the hardcore championship into the air. His grin somehow gets bigger as he laughs once more before ending his tirade.

Ace: Carnage all around me, Chaos oozing from the mat, destruction at every turn, Blood, sweat, pain, tears, broken dreams, broken bones, broken MEN ..... at every possible moment any of these things are possible while I hold this championship. This free reign to crush and inflict harm to my opponents as I see fit ... not constrained to the tedious RULES of this world is intoxicating. This belt has opened me up to an even more vicious future. It has allowed me to live out my deepest violent desires. Everyone of you is like Dave Turner .... a shy little puppy waiting to be fed. Dave is so kind and nice when asked about trying to take This piece of leather from my hands ... but he should be either running at it embracing the darkness or running away fleeing in terror of what I've become. I always have a plan amidst the Chaos .... but sometimes even I can't control what I am doing. Turner .... either STEP UP and face this Train head on or get off the tracks .... because either way you choose to go the Crazy Train is about to run Someone Over !!!

Ace lifts the mic into the air and with one more grin he drops the mic and it falls to the mat hitting the ground with a loud thud and the lights go off for a moment and ACE is gone. The crowd is shook up as an eerie feeling is left in the arena.

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