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SLAMMY AWARD: Epic Fail of the Year !!

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SLAMMY AWARD: Epic Fail of the Year !!

Post by Image aka The Broadcaster on Fri May 29, 2015 3:59 pm

The nWo ... that wasn't
In what has to be the FASTEST formation and break-up in history. The nWo was going to be formed at our 2nd PPV King of the Ring. 4 men (Anthony, Jake Watson, Ross & Sammy Danger ... if memory serves correct) had all agreed to join in and take over XCW ... but before they could they got in there own way. An attitude or comment taken the wrong way in the chat lead them to suddenly no longer wanting to be teammates. So the 4 broke up before they even began and went Different Ways. Soon enough the nWo Wolfpac was made and everyone forgot about the failed nWo faction ..... but I didn't !!!

Very Disputed Champion
Mike Miles is a Two Time Undisputed Champion but he holds the dubious honor of having NEVER actually pinning/submitting the champion AND he also NEVER actually successfully defended his championship belt. Brian Nash both times he lost the title (E-Chamber where Justin Sane Eliminated Him and Triple Threat where Miles pinned Justin Sane) ended up simply taking the title right back a few weeks later. So while Miles might have been where only 3 men have gone at the top of the company his extremely short stints as champ might not have been worth it. 2 Undisputed Title Reigns a total of 3 weeks as Champion.

Triple H loses to Chyna ... Kind Of
Tyrant had just started D-Generation X the New Leader and got Jaxon Jordan to join the group. He was hand picked by Brent Ryder to take on a champion of NXT even though he himself had yet to pick up a championship belt. Low and behold he got matched up with the brutal and dominating Sophia hydra. The warrior who has run rough shot over the NXT and now AZW Roster. She had dominated but we are talking about the man Running what might become the greatest stable in XCW. Sure enough Tyrant was defeated 1 on 1, fair and square. Chyna(Hydra) defeated Triple H(Tyrant). Of course for Tyrant everything turned around and all is good now but that one moment will NEVER go away !!!

Reverse Cat Burglar & The Human Sperm
Sometimes the most epic fails are not even out faults. Once things are seen or heard you just undo the damage. Alex Wolf showed up on Raw in a new masked attire. He had a plain white mask and plain white trunks ... a member of the universe called him a Human Sperm, and it stuck. Maybe due to the heckling he soon took the mask off trying to distance himself from the horrible name and it was mostly forgotten. That brings us to Kirby at one time he went by the name ISIS. He was decked out in full white gear head to toe, not an inch of him was showing. He looked strange and the universe took notice coming up with many names ... Charmin man, The KKK, The Mummy, but the best one was Reverse Cat Burglar. He was heckled and slowly started removing the pieces of his attire as he lost matches. The names didn't go away. NOT until he completely lost the ISIS image and AJ came into his life did he truly not hear the unfortunate nicknames of the universe anymore.

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