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XCW News (Take it to the Extreme)

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XCW News (Take it to the Extreme)

Post by SM0kE69eR on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:31 am

Hello XCW fans and welcome back to another episode of XCW News!, I'm your host Smokes and in tonight's show we look at the Extreme Rules PPV and some events leading up to it..

D Generation X make the headlines for a 3rd show in a row from being down in the gutter to on top of the world, From winning the Royal Rumble to dropping Sammy Danger from the team., Heading into Extreme Rules DX has had a change of shape and a new attitude, The have been hot since winning that Rumble match and continued their form in the Extreme Rules PPV.
Nic Nitro squared off agaianst Jake Watson in the European Championship match however it was confirmed that Watson went in to the match less than 100%, Earlier in the week Jake Watson took a massive blow to the head whilst in his match against Jaxon Jordan...
Jake may have a concussion after Jaxon delivered a big boot to the head against the ring post softening Jake up for his match against Nic Nitro and Nitro took full advantage of that injury to pick up the European Championship.
To continue with DX's news for now is later on in the PPV Jaxon Jordan went one on one with the United States Champion N.V Wilson.
Wilson had a glittering start to his XCW career racking up 8 straight victories which also led to winning the United States Championship but then he was set to face the man who ended that streak Jaxon Jordan, Since losing to Jordan.. N.V Wilson has struggled to pick up a victory losing 3 in a row now heading into Extreme Rules.
And the struggle will continue as Jaxon came out on top of what was one of the closet matches on the card.
DX's victory dances were cut a little short as Natalia failed to continue the streak of picking up the Women's Championship so the pressure landed at the feet of Tyrant..
The DX leader was in a huge match against Alpha 1 of the Wolfpack, If Tyrant could win then he can almost assure himself a one on one match against Brian Tornado Nash at Wrestlemania however a loss here might make that huge mania match into a 3 way dance but this seemed to be a DX night as indeed Tyrant went onto victory in the main event so he is that one step closer to a Royal Rumble rematch.

The Vigilantes have reminded everyone why they are the veteran tag team here in XCW in their match against the Tag Team Champions the Birds of Prey. In the B.O.P's first title defence they seemed to be in control for most of match and seemed the likely victors but with combinations between Brent Ryder and Kris Kryptic the Vigilantes turn the match around and came out once again XCW Tag Team Champions.

Finally we look at a match that we thought we would never see here in XCW, The brothers Nash went head to head at Extreme Rules to find out who is the better brother.
Things stirred up a few weeks ago went Kevin Nash lost a match against Omega. Brian went on to taunt his older brother has he has won against Omega many times, Things got further out of hand went Kevin called in a favour from a old friend and live on Raw XCW fans got a real treat as Brian Tornado Nash went one on one with HBK Shawn Micheals with Kevin Nash in his corner.
Our initial thought was Kevin got this match to try and put a dent into the ego of Brian and Kevin even got involved in the match several times trying to sneak HBK the victory but nothing stopped Brian on Raw.. Fast forward to Extreme Rules and we have a huge family rival match.
With fans and XCW superstars all curious to see who is the better Nash all eyes were on the match.. To start with things seemed a little back and forth but soon as the tempo raised it seemed to me like Brian ran away with the match and in the end perhaps proved he is the better brother by forcing Kevin to TAP OUT!

So will D Generation X's hot streak come crashing to an end if Nic Nitro has to face Jaxon Jordan in the merging of the United States and European championships or will another superstar use his rematch clause to get a spot in the first ever XCW Intercontinental Championship match?
What's next for N.V Wilson He's went from 8-0 to 8-4 what will he do to turn things around?
Which brand new title will be available and who will be in the tournament to win it?
Will Alpha 1 get another chance to headline Wrestlemania or will it be a Royal Rumble rematch for Tyrant and Brian Tornado Nash find out next time...

Thanks and goodnight!


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