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XCW News (The Road to Wrestlemania)

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XCW News (The Road to Wrestlemania)

Post by SM0kE69eR on Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:40 pm

Hello once again XCW fans and welcome to episode 4 of XCW News!, I'm your host Smokes and in today's show were going to talk about the road to Wrestlemania but before we get to that i can announce that XCW News! has been made official. It's starting to show XCW is becoming a global franchise with online access to news and events not to mention the opportunity for fans to speak to the favourite XCW superstar on the XCW Website.
What does that mean for XCW News now that its official? Well i can tell you it means XCW News! will run episodes of PPV recap's, Any Major XCW Announcements or superstar activity that stands out and in sometime in the near future maybe some interviews with XCW superstars and diva's but that is for another episode.
Today's episode is going to cover the beginning of the road to Wrestlmania, The Huge PPV is only 4 weeks away and i was lucky enough to get a backstage pass and front row seat at Raw this past week after being made offical news reporter for XCW.

At the start of Raw this week the gold rush tournament was announced where 8 men will battle it out to become the first ever XCW Television Champion.
Chris Cassidy started off in round 1 against Marcus Conan, The match was back and forth at times but the big irishman couldn't stop Cassidy.., In the end Cassidy landed a massive tornado powerbomb to get the 1.2.3 and advance to the semi finals.
In the next match Ricky Brown went one on one with Aaron the victor to face Chris Cassidy at SNME....Alot of the predictions went towards Ricky and they were right too, Ricky continued a good run of form and managed to secure his spot in the next round!.

With one semi final decided it was time to find out the other 2 men to make it one step further in the gold rush tournament.. Crowe went at it against KC!!!! both men in need of a victory went hard early on and could have went either way, KC showed a little more experience and came out on top in this match up.
The final semi spot was between CJ Lyons the "LoneWolf" and Evolution member Zack Zero, Before this match started CJ was branded the favourite but during that match you would never know.., Zack Attack left his blood, sweat and tears in the ring in a match that stole the show on Raw in the end CJ was the winner and will go on to face KC in the tournament.

It was time to find out who would be facing the Vigilantes at Wrestlemania for the XCW tag team championships, The Vigilantes won the titles from the Birds of Prey at Extreme Rules and the aftermath wasn't good for the B.O.P, Hawk ended up having a career threatening injury and was forced to leave the company..That caused outrage with Falcon who then resigned from the roster.. 
So rather than a rematch between the B.O.P and the Vigilantes at Wrestlemania a new number #1 contender was to be crowned Team B & B or Balmer and Brooks the new tag team on the block got off to shakey start of their tag career but were given a chance to be on the biggest stage of them all if they could defeat one of XCW's big time player Alex Tyson and his mystery partner and new member of Evolution.
It was unveiled that Johnny Tyson the XCW Veteran was that mystery partner and the Tyson brothers were reunited in XCW, B & B put up a good fight but the Tyson brothers were simply to strong this time around, Alex picked up the pin fall to head to mania with his brother.

A brand new superstar made his debut here in XCW.. King Just Believe's younger brother Dallas Morgan was set for a tough start here in XCW taking on Vigilante member Kris Kryptic most XCW fans had Dallas written off from the start but perhaps the AZW star knew more than the rest of us about his brother's in ring abilities., Dallas pulled off which will be called a huge upset victory but this could be the start of the next top superstar.

To end this weeks show was the main event between Tyrant and Brent Ryder.. Tyrant was in this match to perhaps prove DX are the team to beat but with Ryder having beat 75% of DX at the Royal Rumble Tyrant would have to start with him to prove to the XCW Universe and maybe himself that DX are indeed the top faction here in XCW.
This was no doubt a spectacle match between the two men and one for the fans if anything it didn't take Ryder to get into his grove and although Tyrant could have won on occasion it was not his night as Ryder went on to pick up the victory..

Who will advance to the gold rush finals and become Television Champion?
Who will Dallas Morgan target next?
What will DX's reply be to Ryder beating them all in the past few weeks?
Tune in next time to find out what goes down at SNME as the Road to Wrestlemania continues....

Thanks and goodnight.


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Re: XCW News (The Road to Wrestlemania)

Post by KINGJUSTBELIEVE on Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:06 pm

Tweeted by Dallas Morgan "its a new day in the XCW Universe, the one of a kind superstar is ready to take off " #O.O.A.K.S

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