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Ryder Reveals All - You Think You Know ... but you Had NO Idea !!

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Ryder Reveals All - You Think You Know ... but you Had NO Idea !!

Post by Image aka The Broadcaster on Thu Jun 11, 2015 6:19 pm

Episode 56 kicks off with Pyro going off all around the arena. And before any announcers can speak we see the Titantron light up with none other than the 3 members of the Vigilantes standing backstage at the interview spot each with a Championship Title over there shoulder. Nash on the Right, Kryptic on the Left and Ryder standing up frontlooking ready to speak.

Ryder Smirks as he holds up a Micropohone up to his face.

Ryder: First things first .... it feels like I have not spoken to the fans of XCW Fans in a long time ... it feels good to have a microphone in my hand once again.

He gets a BIG pop from the crowd and he smiles while giving a quick glance back to Kryptic & Nash.

Ryder: You see I have tried mostly to be a "Silent" Partner here in XCW. I wanted my actions and OUR actions to speak for themselves. I tried to Stay in the shadows for awhile but Alpha1 couldn't let me be. No no no ... he had to DRAG me into the spotlight where I wasn't meant to be. I approached Alpha about running an upstart promotion here in XCW. One where we could develop the best the world had to offer from the Independent circuts or really any place we could find the talent. Little did I know .... it was a mistake.

The crowd heavy supporters of the Wolfpac as well kind of shocked at him saying this but not completely forgiving of Alpha's "Turn" on the XCW brand gave Alpha's mention a slight boo.

Ryder with a slight irk in his voice continued.

Ryder: You see the mistake I made was revealing to him I was "Management". No one was the wiser ... everyone thought I was just one of the boys until he called me over to NXT and spilled my secret. Well ... I didn't like that. As mad as I was about the betraying of XCW as a hole it was worse that he betrayed sensitive information about my roll in things. The Info I gave him was between ME & HIM. The thing is ... you only tell people what they want to hear.

A big smirk came across Ryder's Face as leaned back and chuckled a bit before continuing.

Ryder: Did you really think that I was the owner of this company? That I was able to broadcast my OWN matches? ...

All 3 members of the Vigilantes give this a low laugh as he continues.

Ryder: No Alpha, we just told you what we WANTED you to hear. I'm in no more control of what management wants as you are. Hell you actually have more creative control than me as you actually do run AZW. I let you for the longest time believe you KNEW what was up ... and after you brought me over to NXT I made you pay for it in the ring. Now, ... you know you never really knew it all. You see soon after the Vigilantes formed and we took down the most powerful force at the time in XCW Foreign Affairs ... Management came to me for a favor. They didn't want to stick there neck out but really liked where you Alpha where headed. The n.W.o. Wolfpac was becoming a very nice thing and knew some of your background Alpha. They wanted to Hire you to run NXT for them ... I simply played a role.

The crowd is dead silent at this point as some of the wool is being uncovered from there eyes.

Ryder: I have seen the internet fans screaming that I couldn't possibly call my own matches or I had to have a voice double ... so who was really announcing each and every week. They where right Alpha. I am NOT the man was refers to himself as Image AKA The Broadcaster. I am simply a man here to help clean-up the scum in XCW.

Ryder turns around and Kryptic & Nash each nod at him as he turns to face the camera once again. The Titan-tron being shown with a quite arena trying to soak up the details.

Ryder: I came here originally to pursue my dream. I had no ambition of being the greatest to walk this earth or take down the jerks in XCW, I still don't care about my legacy ... but what me, Nash, & Kryptic hate is what some of these guys in XCW became. Foreign Affairs were a group of scoundrels who only wanted to GAIN for them selves. They cared for no one else and soon enough all it took was a powerful punch to the gut and they crumbled from within. While me & Kryptic rehabbed in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex after Money In The Back ... we got to talking. We found a lot of things in common but we knew 2 guys where not enough to get the job done. We needed a powerful ally to help us. Lucky for us Brian Nash was also in the area, all we had to do was wait till he had a day off and we swung by his place in Dallas. He was already World Champion for months but he listened and soon enough we formed a tight bond.

Both Kryptic & Nash shake there heads in response to this.

Ryder: When me & Kryptic were fully healed the Vigilantes came in to "Clean up" XCW and take down one group at a time. With our Debut as a faction we fractured FA so badly it never recovered. Jake Watson left that very night, there leader Alex Wolf left at the preceding PPV EVEN after they took the Undisputed Title off of Brian Nash. Soon enough all that remained was Mike Miles and after he lost the belt back to Nash a 2nd time FA was dead. Then came the Disciples of Darkness. If FA were the "Bullies" here in XCW then DoD were simply evil. The DoD had 6 straight months as Tag Team champions. We took them down on more than one occasion but we could not keep them down. Finally after hounding them long enough they fell ... not to our hand but to Sammy Danger & Youngblood. We might not have delivered the FINAL blow but we certainly put enough chinks in there armor that by there last XCW Match ... someone was going to put them down. We did however get the satisfaction of being the ones to claim these tag team titles from them though.

Ryder pats down on his championship belt as does Kryptic.

Ryder: That night they resigned from XCW and we had accomplished another goal. 2 down ... one to go ... the N.W.O. Wolfpac. I didn't know that Alpah1 had already made a move on what he thought was ME. Me & Kryptic had to survive the most brutal match of our lives both being gashed open by a visceral tag team from NXT ... The Sinister Syndicate. Men sent by Alpha1 to take the XCW Tag Team Championships out of this company. After my "Reveal" as the owner of XCW I had to act outraged at what they had down ... when I was actually impressed. I didn't think Alpha1 had it in him to do what he did but to turn his back on his employer like that was ... sick. His misguided mindset of trying to help the little guys. He was trying to stick up for the people who felt rejected undermined or underutilized. He didn't even know WHO he was working for let alone how these guys where really treated. His WAR he started with XCW was fun and all, I enjoyed making him tag with me against the very people he was trying to help. The Unstoppable Disciples of Darkness a new signing by Alpha ... was a sweet surprise and all the more sweet when I got to pick up the first win for XCW at Bragging Rights and turn the ship around for our Brand. Nash stepped up as well picking up a great win over the NXT Champion Brian Cook as he continued his dominance over not only XCW but NXT as well as XCW went on to sweep the rest of the night.

Ryder smiled at this as he knew the Vigilantes had represented XCW Well.

Ryder: NXT had proven itself and gotten what they wanted ... but they where always going to become a NEW brand here in XCW. Alpha simply made things faster than management wanted ... but to us, The Vigilantes,  we didn't really care. We proved ourselves and we moved our focus back where it belonged on Alpha1 and the n.W.o. Wolpfac at Survivor Series.

Ryder once again got a big Grin.

Ryder: They might have gotten the Tag Team Belts from us ... but we still had what they REALLY wanted, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship belt. Sure enough we fought it out faction vs. faction like no one had before. All 6 of us released in that Elimination Chamber and after it was all said and done The Vigilantes survived that night and walked out with both championships. We thought maybe the Wolfpac where ready to break but they where very strong. We might have dented them a bit but it took longer to wear down this group than either the D.o.D. or Affairs. We fought factions that were not really tight knit and strong enough for the long haul ... the Wolfpac where not your typical faction.

Ryder for the first time shook his head in disappointment.

Ryder: We took it to them over and over but now as we started to get close to taking them down once and for all Degeneration X had emerged as a new threat one that felt it was their time to trump us both. I laughed at first ... thought nothing of them. When Kryptic got injured again after TLC I had to fight everyone on my own as Nash was being hounded by Justin Sane once again. The one man who gave us more trouble than anyone else. The nWo had been slowly getting frustrated about losing all there gold and soon after they got there Tag Titles back I could see the wear and tear getting to them but I couldn't get to them alone. So I took out my rage on the only people I could at the time ... DX. In one night back to back to back I took down DX, one member at a time. Danger had no Idea but he became another Victim as he got ousted in the Rumble by Nitro which later we found out was his ousting from DX it self. He was there fall guy even though he was the ONLY one who gave me a fight. Only Tyrant escaped my hand that night .... but he didn't escape unscathed. Brian took him down in the main event. 4 members in one night of DX taken down by only 2 of us. We really saw the nWo for the first time show some major fracturing. Jay and CJ lost there titles to the Birds of Prey. Then Alpha1 himself eliminated both of his 6ix Dynasty brothers ... and I laughed as I waited to enter the rumble behind the curtain. The nWo wolfpac could have ruled the Rumble instead they self destructed and at the hands of Alpha1 no less. The night could have been a 100% success for us ... but Tyrant the man we thought we might have knocked down a beg as with all of DX won the Rumble and set his eyes on Nash.

Ryder turned a glance at Nash who looked at the undisputed title on his shoulder and then shook his head.

Ryder: This "Boss" facade had run it's course I was tired of pretending to be "The Boss" backstage. People where more fake than ever to me so when management gave Alpha1 a shot at going to Mania along with Jay Lyons leaving XCW the night before I knew he needed to lose. All we needed was ONE more big disappointment and FINALLY we could break there backs. So the guys that became our biggest threats now where our biggest allies ... even if they didn't know it. Tyrant had turned into a dominate machine while Alpha just fell hard and fast. Omega got wrapped up into a feud between Brian Nash & his the WWE/WCW Legend brother Kevin Nash while CJ chased after the US Title. Brian pinned Omega twice during the month, Alpha couldn't win a single match even when he brought in his AZW buddy King Just Believe to take down Tyrant he couldn't get a win. C.J. didn't get that U.S. Championship match he wanted and sure enough at Extreme Rules Alpha1 lost to Tyrant. Whatever his exact reasons were I feel it was the frustrations of not getting the job done that lead to not only him but Omega leaving XCW. The "Wolfpac" had finally been broken. Sure it wasn't us that got to hammer the last nail in there coffin but we put most of the damage inflicted on them. Alpha1 the AZW man backed his bags and went home.

Ryder got a HUGE smile across his face as he looked directly into the camera.

Ryder: 3 groups dominated the XCW when we came in as a group. Foreign Affairs, Disciples of Destruction, & The n.W.o. Wolfpac ... and now they are all done. The WAR never ends though. There is ALWAYS a new threat that emerges and now that all those groups are gone we have a new threat that has become a problem. Last week Tyrant called me out, he wanted to make ME pay for what I single handedly did to his friends at the Rumble over a month ago. He just learned what those 3 factions already learned ... the Vigilantes are the real deal. We are in it for the long haul. We are here to stay and if he wants to take US down like these other groups have fallen one by one ... he is going to need to do something more than run his mouth. He is going to have to bring it. He and his boys are going to have to step up there game to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

the crowd for the first time in a long time cheer as they like this intensity form Ryder.

Ryder: We know there are new heads to the hydra growing all the time, Evolution the latest one to pop up. It doesn't matter how many pop up though as we will out last them all. DX is just the latest to stick it's ugly face at us, and Wrestlemania the Head of DX gets chopped off JUST like the rest.

Ryder gives off ONE more big smile as the feed cuts and the announcer starts to talk about what we Just saw.

Image aka The Broadcaster

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Re: Ryder Reveals All - You Think You Know ... but you Had NO Idea !!

Post by 702144 on Thu Jun 11, 2015 7:56 pm

Travis,One of the Gillow Boys on AZW, Comes out to the Ramp
"Look Ryder, I know you don't know me but believe me that the Gillow Boys are possibly the better team to outwit the DX and not to disappoint you guys, but we all think you should SUCK. Face the Facts that the Vigilantes are a washed up team of spoiled brats that don't know how to get their way but by cheating their way into it. I will speak personally on my behalf of AZW that You, Ryder, are a missing link in a lot of stuff that's goes on. And Brian Nash, Brother of the Famous Kevin Nash, Has been in Kevin's shadow for years and not knowing it. I think I prove my point on where this is going. I know you don't know me and you don't like me after I tell you all of this but it is true. I don't think that you run a perfect business but it keeps the wheels moving for most superstars. I hope that you take my advice and do things by yourself otherwise your gonna get hurt like DoD on AZW's last show. I am not threatening you, I am promising you. We will come out on top against the Vigilantes, the WolfPac and Certainly DX. Now I will sit here and see the show I am about to start with you Boys. So go ahead and amuse me with your lies."
Crowd is Cheering" Gillow ,Gillow" and Clapping for the statement he made.


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Re: Ryder Reveals All - You Think You Know ... but you Had NO Idea !!

Post by tyrant on Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:42 pm

Dx Theme hits "Break it down" Tyrant stands on the ramp he cross chops and heads to the ring, The look of anger can be seen from the cheap seats.

Tyrant: Ok Ryder you beat me last week "whoop ti do" Do you want a cookie wasnt my first loss wont be my last but DX isnt just your normal "pop up" we put out The wolfpac and just incase your wondering your next.

Tyrant looks at the crowd and gets a round full of boos

Tyrant: Screw you people....Ya see D Genration X is so sick and tired of you people and the Sissy girls in the back crying because DX is not politically correct. We call things how we see it weather you like it....or not. Ryder you got lucky last week but i swear at wrestlemania im going to fight untill I cant fight anymore,untill we bleed,and the only way im not walking out the XCW Champion is over my dead body.

Tyrant whips his hair back.

Tyrant: So Ryder since you think your so big and bad  why dont you go back in the back grap one of your little butt buddys from the village and have a tag team match here tonight, I can see it now nash and ryder the village idiot and the village blacksmith. put Your money where your mouth is Jr.

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Re: Ryder Reveals All - You Think You Know ... but you Had NO Idea !!

Post by Image aka The Broadcaster on Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:45 pm

As Gillows stands on the ramp next to Tyrant maybe waiting for a response from Ryder, Nash, or Kryptic suddenly a bunch of security gaurds come onto the stage and surrond Travis Gillows. He drops the mic and they swarm him. They drag him away as we can't hear what he is shouting but soming about XCW sucks ... or something.

Image AKA The Broadcast: We are sorry for that interruption from that deranged fan. We will try in the future to have security do a better job keeping the "Crazies" fom going backstage. Now about what Ryder had to say .... I am not him, we are not each other, and he was NEVER the owner of this company. Now let's get things under way. As for what Tyrant was saying ... well maybe we will see members of DX & Vigilantes battle it out here tonight

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Re: Ryder Reveals All - You Think You Know ... but you Had NO Idea !!

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