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Evolution is a Mystery...

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Evolution is a Mystery...

Post by xTheTyson's on Fri May 29, 2015 1:24 pm

*Alex Tyson and Zack Zero interrupts Tyrant's and Alpha1's matchup. Tyrant leans over the ropes and starts threatening Alex. Alpha looks towards the fans, does a cocky walk up to Tyrant and does a roll-up pin eventually hitting the 3 count. The fans cheer as Alpha1's hand is lifted in the air. Tyrant walks up the ramp but stops to stare Alex and Zack right in their eyes. Alpha1 walks up the ramp and attempts to give Alex a hand shake. Alex looks in alphas eyes, smirked and slapped Alpha's hand and continued walking down to ringside.*

Alex: Shut up! I am here, and look what I have with me... MY European Championship. NOW, none of you Superstars backstage, fans sitting in the arena or every, weirdo watching me at home didn't believe I could get MY title back. Don't you all look like complete idiots!

Zack: You know? Alex is RIGHT. He trained and trained and trained to get where he is today. The only reason NO ONE likes him... Is because he likes to EARN his opportunities. Unlike everyone else who deserves them on the spot.. Not naming anyone *cough* John Sanchez... The point is, just because he works differently does not make him different. In fact it makes him.. The best. The very best in this whole company!

Alex: Thank you Zack. The reason why I am here is too announce the new side of Alex Tyson. Shut.. The.. Fu*k.. Up. You see this guy who made his debut last night? Well I see good things coming up in his future. Which is why we came together. We are... Evolution. I'm the 'Triple H' which means I'm the boss. And Zack... He is the Randy Orton. He's the new guy, we saw some potential and we are gonna give him the respect he DESERVES!

*Alex Tyson and Zack Zero both drops the mics to the ground and exits the ring, Alex is half way up the ramp, turns round and screams "YOU DID THIS! YOU CAUSED ME TOO CHANGE! SCREW YOU ALL!" Alex Tyson and Zack Zero have left the arena".

So guys... You like the sound that the Evolution is coming too the XCW? Maybe they can have a future rivalry with DX and maybe a new rivalry between Tyrant and Alex on whose the True Triple H of the business, post your thoughts and if you're interested in joining the faction, let me know Smile

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